Henry Clay Philatelic Society

Do you enjoy Stamp Collecting? Do you have a network of people to enjoy the hobby with?

If you are in or around Lexington try a meeting on the third Monday of the month.

At our meetings we have stamp hunts, auctions, and presentations. Come and join us.

Non-commercial links
Informational sites that provide some great resources.

1847USA.com (Bob Allen, editor)
A guide to 19th & early 20th century, including Washington / Franklins

Boy Scout and Postage Stamp Collectibles Page (Kirk Doan, Esq.)
A mixture of retail and informational content.

Paintings and Art on Stamps (Victor Manta, webmaster)
Fine art that doesn't take up a lot of wall space!

Buying and selling...
From trades to outright purchase, here are some sites to keep you busy for hours:

APS Stamp Store (American Philatelic Society)
A search portal for dealer-members listing with the APS.

Linn's Zillions of Stamps™ (Amos Press)
A search portal for dealers listing on their site and in their publication.

Rare Stamps (Steve Crippe)
He used to only list EFOs online, but now offers much more.

Subway Stamps (Virginia Goldberg)
It's no exaggeration, Subway is the world's largest stamp & coin supply shop.

Auction action...
If you like the thrill of picking up a bargain on a whim, here are some philatelic auction sites:

The world's largest online marketplace.

Russ Romei's StampFair!
Online auctioneering with a philatelic twist.

Growing by leaps and bounds, StampWants is giving away a US C3a in 2007!

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